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PDF Pattern Printing 

Sincere Studio now offers PDF pattern printing!
We can also print your instruction booklet!

Looking to take your sewing projects to the next level? Our PDF sewing pattern printing service has got you covered!! Say goodbye to the hassle of resizing, printing, and taping patterns together – we'll handle it all for you. With our online ordering system, getting your patterns printed is a breeze. Plus, we offer convenient pickup or shipping options (to US addresses only), so you can choose what works best for you. Skip the tape and get your pattern printed so you can dive straight into sewing! 

How it works
Head on over to the pattern printing page in our shop! Then, add your pattern instructions to your order if you'd like. You'll checkout and let us know whether you want it shipped or held at the studio for pickup.

Once you checkout, scroll down this page to upload your PDF pattern file and/or your instructions file

Handling time is 1-3 days and then your order will be ready for pickup or be shipped right to you. 

Files we accept
We currently accept A0 "copy shop" PDF pattern files for large format printing. These are typically 33" x 48"

For pattern instruction files, files are typically A4 or Letter size and will be printed one-sided and in color. We do not staple these so you can decide how to use it!

Select Shipping or Pickup at checkout!

Shipping - we ship printed patterns within the US! Patterns will be folded and shipped in a cardboard envelope. Select shipping at checkout.

Pickup - Patterns may be picked up at the studio once ready (we'll email you!). You can pick up your order 24 hours a day/7 days a week at Sincere Studio's secure front door. Pickup instructions will be in the email we send you to let you know your order is ready.


Once you've paid for your print order, upload your file here!

If you're getting your instruction booklet printed, upload that here as well :)

Pattern Printing
File Upload
File Upload
File Upload
File Upload
File Upload

Thanks for sending over your file! Handling time is 1-3 business days and we'll let you know when its ready for pickup or when its been shipped :)


How do I know if my file is A0? I opened up the pattern and there were 25 pages!

Designers will include the paper/document size in the name of the file! So, once your pattern has downloaded, take a look at all the files it came with. You're looking for anything with A0 or "copy shop" in the file name. If you don't see an A0 or copy shop file with your pattern files, the designer did not include one and you'll have to print off the A4/Letter size and tape it together. We can print that for you as well! Just use the pattern instructions item in our shop which is priced for the smaller paper size. 

You can see what that looks like here. 

A4 or Letter is the 8.5"x11" size that you have to tape together. 


How do I find out how many sheets my file has?

To see how many sheets your file has, open up the PDF. If you don't have Adobe, you can also open it using a web browser like google chrome. You'll see the sheets listed on the side bar if you're using Adobe. 

this is the amount of sheets you'll order!

There is also a free version of Adobe if you want to download and use that!

What are layers and how do I know which ones I might want printed?

In files with layers, the pattern designer has set up the file so that each garment size corresponds to one "layer." This is really helpful because we can also turn off any irrelevant layers which eliminates all the confusing lines. If you get specific layers printed, those are the only lines you'll see on the pattern. 

To see if your pattern has layers, open it up in Adobe and click the layers icon in the side bar. 

You can see all the layers here. To know what specific layer(s) you want printed, you'll need to find your garment size using the pattern instructions. Typically people will get 1-3 layers printed, with everything else turned off. 

If you're not seeing these layers, your pattern designer did not include them--when your pattern is printed, you'll see all the lines. 

To request specific layers, just put it in the notes section on the file upload!

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