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About us

Sincere Studio is Portland's first and only non-profit community sewing studio! Read more about us below

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Sincere Studio's mission is to provide sewing and textile art education to our community with a focus on sewing as a tool of social change and empowerment. 


Our vision is simple: to create an accessible and welcoming environment for everyone in our community (and beyond!) to learn to sew and be able to foster community while they're at it.

We work hard to center marginalized community members and strive to create a safe space for all genders, races, ages, and abilities. As sewists, we understand that the barrier to entry for sewing is high and lowering that barrier is foundational to our work. 

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Sincere Studio was founded by Frances Andonopoulos (they/them) in July 2022. We opened our space to our community in January of 2023. Since then we have become a registered 501C3 non-profit and have taught almost 300 people how to sew at our cozy studio in Kerns. 

Learn more

Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at Sincere Studio? Take a look at these resources below. Additional questions can always be sent to us via our contact form. 

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