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Prepare for your class

What to expect for your class at Sincere Studio

What to expect

Wondering what to expect for your class at Sincere Studio? Read on!

After you've signed up online, you'll receive an email confirmation. You'll also receive a reminder 24 hours before your class. 

To prepare for your class

Please look at the class description on our classes and workshops page to see what materials you'll need to bring for your class. Most classes at Sincere Studio do not require that you bring your own materials, except for garment classes. 

For garment classes

You really really need to pre-wash your fabric. Your garment may become unwearable after the first wash if you do not prewash it. Learn more about this in this article on Seamwork's website

Day of class 

On the day of your class, please arrive on time! Demonstrations and instruction happen at the beginning of class and we don't want you to miss anything.

When you arrive at Sincere Studio, please use the entrance on Randall St. You'll receive the security gate code in your confirmation email. Enter the code and once you're in the courtyard, we are to your immediate left. 


In the studio

Once you arrive in the studio, please grab a mask if you did not bring one. You're then welcome to grab a spot at any of the open sewing machines. Get settled in and relax until class starts! If you need the restroom, it's across the courtyard near the bike racks. No code needed for the restroom. 


During class

Instructors will pull out and provide any needed materials, or guide you to the appropriate area where materials can be found. The same goes for any tools/equipment needed! Equipment, thread, and tools located on the white pegboard are open to use--just grab what you need!

Most classes will begin with instruction and demos, and then you'll have work time. Students are encouraged to ask for help/clarification during class so don't be shy! If you need something explained again or need to see a demo again, let us know!

End of class

When class is coming to an end, please look around your space and clean up any fabric scraps, thread, and trash. Put any tools you used back on the pegboard. 

If you did not finish your project, you are welcome to come in during open studio to complete it! This is included in your class fee. Just ask your instructor for their open studio code to use when booking your open studio appointment. 

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