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Studio info


Sincere Studio is fully wheelchair/mobility device accessible

The studio is located on the ground floor of our building. To access the studio, you need to enter through a secured door (unlocked during business hours) to our courtyard and then to the studio. Our studio door swings inward.

Our floors are concrete and may be uncomfortable for standing to some. We have anti-fatigue mats available for anyone to use!

All chairs at Sincere Studio have a weight limit of at least 250lbs and are a mix of chairs with and without armrests. We have two gray chairs without armrests with a weight limit of 660lbs.

The bathrooms are located outside of the studio. To access the bathrooms, you will need to exit the studio and go across the courtyard. The bathrooms are single person and non-gendered.

The bathrooms are ADA accessible and have handrails on the wall.

As of 5/15/24, Sincere Studio's mask policy has changed. Any participant may request that masks be worn by everyone in their class or club. This request can be made anonymously during the class/club sign up process. If one participant requests that masks be worn by all, instructors will let class participants know and everyone will wear a mask for that class. 

Available equipment

coming soon!

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