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Meet Our Staff


Windsor Meyer

Instructor - @soar_on_the_wind

Windsor Meyer (she/her) is a self taught garment sewist, quilter, and lover of color. She has been sewing and working in textiles for the past 10 years. Her approach to teaching is hands-on and based in curiosity and exploration. She loves to encourage students to experiment, play, and push back against their perfectionist urges.

Windsor teaches introductory garment sewing classes and our quilt jacket series!

Epiphany Holmstock

Instructor - @octopus_umbrella

Epiphany (she/her) learned to sew and mend as a child and has been stitching ever since. Her main focus is garment sewing, but she enjoys the occasional quilting, embroidery, and crochet projects. She has also designed and sewn costumes and soft props for circus and dance.

Epiphany teaches intro to sergers and garment classes.

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Frances Andonopoulos

Instructor - Executive Director

Frances (they/them) learned to sew about 15 years ago and is a quilter at heart! They teach introduction to sewing, our quilt classes, and some introductory garment classes.

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Studio dog

Jelly is an 11 year old chihuahua/rat terrier mix. He loves to play fetch and sleep. His favorite foods are popcorn and oranges. Jelly is a rescue who moved from Chicago to Portland with Frances. He’s now living the sweet life as our studio pup!

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