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PDF pattern printing is now available at Sincere Studio!


We accept A0 "copy shop" files only. We do not print A4/Letter "tiled" patterns


Printing is priced per page (33" x 48"). Each page is $3. Please select the appropriate amount of pages when checking out!


How many pages do I need to order? - To figure out how many pages to order, open your A0 Copy Shop file and look to see how many pages the file contains. This is the quantity of pages to add to your order.

*If your file has one long page*, divide the length by 48 and round up. For example if your file shows a document that is 33" x 86", divide the length of 86" by 48 (1.79) then round up (2). We ask that you pay for 2 pages for a document of this length. 


Turnaround time - 1-3 days; you'll get an email when your pattern is ready for pickup or has been shipped!


Pickup instructions - You'll get an email when your pattern is ready for pickup! You can pick up 24/7 at Sincere Studio's secure front door. We are located at 2636 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland. You'll receive the security gate code in your pickup email. We ask that you pick up your pattern within a week of receiving your pickup email. 


For shipped orders - We do not ship rolled patterns. All shipped patterns will be folded. 


If you have anymore questions please email us at!


File Upload - Head over to our file upload page to send over your file after payment



PDF Pattern Printing (Per page)

  • We do not accept returns or order cancellations on PDF printing. If there is an error with your printing, please reach out to us at

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