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The Sincere Studio Sewing Machine Library is a new community resource that aims to lower the barrier to sewing for our community. Participants can check out sewing machines to take home and use for personal projects. Whether you have a specific project in mind or just want to see if you're ready to purchase your own sewing machine, the Sewing Machine Library is here for you! 

how it works

1. Use the form below to join our waitlist. Once it's your turn, you'll receive an email. You'll have one week to pick up the machine at our studio. If you're not able to pick up, the machine will go to the next person on the list. You won't lose your place in line but we will skip ya until the next machine comes back in. 

2. Pick up your machine and complete a quick skills review and sign your rental agreement

3. Take home and use for three weeks. After two weeks, you'll receive a reminder email for returning the machine. 

4. Return the machine before or on the 3 week rental end date.

read more about our rental process and policies

Join the waitlist

Fill out this form to join our sewing machine library waitlist!

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch when a machine is ready for you!

more info + policies

Available machines
Sincere Studio currently has three Brother sewing machines available for rental. 

What's included in a rental
Each rental comes with a sewing machine; power cord and foot pedal; owners manual; 4 presser feet; sewing machine needles; machine screwdriver; two spools of thread; two bobbins; toolkit (seam gauge, seam ripper, and thread snippers); and a carrying bag

Rental Requirements
Anyone wishing to borrow a sewing machine must have taken intro to sewing at Sincere Studio OR have an equivalent level of sewing skills. A skills review will be completed upon pickup. If staff determines that you do not possess a basic level of sewing machine skills, we may ask you to rejoin the waitlist after taking our intro to sewing class. 
We also require anyone wishing to borrow a machine to be able to transport the machine to and from the studio. 

Skills Review
Our skills review ensures that everyone borrowing a machine has a basic level of sewing machine skills. Why? Because we want you to be able to actually use it! During the skills review, staff will ask you to set up the machine and complete a basic straight stitch and use the backstitch function. Don't worry--you don't have to do everything perfectly, we're just looking for a baseline level of knowledge. If you're unable to set up the machine without a lot of help from staff, we reserve the right to ask you to take intro to sewing or practice machine setup first! 

Rental Period
Once a machine is available, we will email you and give you 7 days to pick up the machine. The 7 days starts the day after the email is sent. If you're not able to come in during that time, we will go to the next person on the list. You will not go to the bottom of the list, but we will skip you until another machine comes in.

The rental period is three weeks long and starts the day after you pick up the machine. Please return the machine before or on the rental period end date

Repairs and maintenance
Your sewing machine will be in good working order when you pick up. If something breaks, you will not be liable for repair costs. Please let us know if your machine is not working as soon as possible!

Donate or sponsor a machine
We are currently seeking machines in working condition that do not need tune ups, repairs, or maintenance to be useable by participants. We are not currently accepting machines more than 15 years old. Tax receipts are available! To donate a machine please email us at 
To sponsor a machine, please email us at! $160 sponsors one sewing machine. 

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